Kailh Switch Set

Rp 350.000,00

Quantity of one set

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Each Switch Set comes with the options 35 switches or 110 switches to choose.

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Define Your Typing Experience 

Kailh is one of the renowned producers of mechanical switches. The default Kailh switch is fully compatible with our regular Keychron wireless keyboard Hot-swappable versions that do not require soldering. 

Using the popular Cherry MX form, Kailh switches make you get a brand-new feel without letting go of your favorite MX style keycaps. The default Kailh Switches red, blue and brown offer you the linear, clicky and tactile typing experience while different from other switch brands. 

More Details

Compatible Keyboard:

Any K series (Gateron Mechanical Hot-Swappable or Keychron Mechanical Hot-Swappable versions only), K Pro series, V series or Q series Keychron keyboards.

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