Keychron K8 Pro Special Bluetooth Firmware

The purpose of this special Bluetooth firmware is to tackle the signal interruption issue between K8 Pro keyboard and earphone.

The keyboard Bluetooth firmware can be used in all K8 Pro keyboard versions (White backlight / RGB backlight / Barebone)

Note: If everything works fine with your keyboard. Please don’t update the bluetooth firmware. There is a chance it can damage your keyboard.

Note: For Mac users, if the Bluetooth firmware tool cannot be opened, please open the system preference and click "Security and Privacy", and click "Open anyway"

Step 2

Plug the Type-c cable  and switch the keyboard toggle to "Cable" mode 

Step 3

Click "Get Version" and the updater will show you the device firmware version.

Step 4

Download the K8 Pro Special Bluetooth firmware below and click "Browse" to upload to the tool.

Keychron K8 Pro Special Bluetooth Firmware

Step 5

Click “Update" to start the firmware process.

Step 6

Update completed.

Step 7

Factory reset your K8 Pro keyboard (Pressing Fn + J + Z for 4 seconds) and the issue should be addressed.